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The company organizes the construction activities of "four virtues" style

In order to implement the spirit of the 17th National Congress and the Sixth Plenary Session of the 17th Central Committee of the CPC and respond to the call of the district Party committee and district government to regard 2012-2014 as the "year of moral construction promotion", the company decided to carry out publicity and education activities with Hongyang "four virtues" as the main content within the scope of the company. The specific scheme is as follows:

1、 Guiding ideology

In 2012, as the "year of moral construction promotion", guided by the "four virtues" education activities of the district Party committee and district government, we will strengthen the understanding of the ideological root of all cadres and staff, and strive to solve the outstanding problems in the implementation of system, quality management, safety production, etc., urge the staff to start from themselves, start from the small things around them, learn from the example around them, and cultivate good moral literacy and conduct It's a habit. Through the development of "four virtues" education activities, we should advocate to establish a number of moral models, guide the staff to start from themselves and from small things around them, and effectively let all cadres and staff firmly establish the ideology, responsibility consciousness, the awareness of striving for the first and the awareness of civilization, abide by labor rules and regulations more consciously, and implement more standardized operation procedures of the process, and more seriously complete the production tasks to achieve the common goal The same as the purpose of improvement.

2、 Organizational leadership

In order to make the publicity and education activities carried out vigorously and solidly, the company has set up a leading group. Fengshuai, deputy group leader fengchengzuo and fengbaozuo are the leaders of each department (room), section and factory director of each branch, and the subordinate office is set up. Duyuzhang and xinchengjia are responsible for the specific activities.

3、 Event arrangement

(1) We should pay attention to the idea, raise our awareness and carry out propaganda and education activities. All departments and branches of the company shall take the "four virtues" education activities as an opportunity to formulate the implementation plan of learning "four virtues" to promote management activities, understand and grasp the contents and meanings of "ed, filial piety, sincerity and benevolence", and organize propaganda and education activities in a targeted manner so that all staff can know whether they are right or wrong and know about honor and disgrace. We should make use of the company's large screen, plant area propaganda board, workshop blackboard newspaper, pre shift and post shift meeting to publicize it with great publicity, and constantly pay attention to unremitting, and advocate a good atmosphere of loving and dedicated work, abiding by rules and regulations, honesty and kindness, civilization and harmony among employees.

(2) We will strengthen the construction of the basic level propaganda and education organizations. All factories, workshops and teams shall be equipped with part-time personnel, focusing on propaganda work. Through the form of propaganda slogan, special discussion, speech solicitation and spreading of "four moral songs", the staff and workers shall be educated to speak politics, take into account the overall situation, and keep a high level with the Party Central Committee in front of the major merits and major wrongs, and do the things that are not conducive to image and the company shall be resolutely not done; We should firmly establish the sense of responsibility and dedication, adhere to the principle of doing things according to law, loving the post and working hard, always withstand the test and abide by the principle of being upright, not teasing the right and wrong, not harming others and benefiting others, performing their duties and complying with laws and regulations and the company's regulations; We should respect the old and love the young, harmonious family, have healthy living style, work hard and thrifty, create a positive and positive family atmosphere, advocate civilized, scientific and healthy life style, and promote the construction of family virtues.

(3) We should grasp the typical, tree and standard soldiers and establish new style. All staff members should set up their own positions, establish correct world outlook, outlook on life, values and career outlook, adhere to principles, be fair and decent, be good at unity of comrades, respect and mutual assistance, treat each other honestly, understand and tolerate, and combine "four virtues" education, find out various problems existing in their own body according to the company rules and regulations, further improve their self-cultivation, strengthen their own internal morality, and solve them We should solve problems, make sure that we should be honest in style, abide by laws and regulations, seek truth from facts, and achieve strict discipline, improve them together and create a good working atmosphere.

All departments and branches should insist on educating people around with people and things around them, and guide employees with typical deeds, and form a good moral trend in the whole company. The "four virtues" and the standardized management of the company are combined organically, and the learning and discussion activities are organized and education summary is organized, so that each employee can write their experiences, carefully select the "four virtues" model individuals around them, and set an example for the staff of the company.

4、 Specific requirements

All management personnel must take the lead in the practice of educational activities, adhere to the principle of example, take the lead in the following aspects, and always take the lead in practical thinking, solid style, simple life, correct conduct and healthy upward.

We should pay attention to the management and achieve results, comprehensively improve the quality of civilization and moral quality of the staff, and gradually form a healthy and civilized and harmonious interpersonal relationship in the construction of life; in the environmental construction, we should strive to create a safe and civilized production environment for the staff and a fair and just growth and talent environment; In the work construction, the goal of safety responsibility should be achieved, and the awareness of striving for excellence should be improved, so as to promote the standardization and scientific development of the company.