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Morning of December 21, zichuan district party committee secretary Tian Bing soldier, district leadership Guo Yihua, Liu Hongzhi a line, to luwian pharmaceutical group co., LTD. Research work safety in production of dangerous chemicals field. District bureau of emergency, double Yang Town Feng Shuai Feng Yanming group chairman, general manager is responsible for the comrades and related personnel accompanied by research.

During the research, Tian Bing soldier a line into the luwian pharmaceutical group sorbitol factory, heard the report on enterprise safety in production work, visit at the scene of the methanol cracking hydrogen production enterprise production safety situation, and to the control rooms and staff to talk, see and understand the enterprise production operation process, process, equipment maintenance maintenance frequency, emergency response plans, production safety responsibility, and so on and so forth.

Tian Bing soldier stressed, epidemic prevention and control and work safety in production is about the survival of the enterprise, more about the life and property safety of the masses, be sure to attach great importance to, always took notice of safe production, carry on the shoulder. Enterprises should strictly carry out the safe production responsibility, positive for the benchmarking enterprise, actively introduce advanced safe production and management experience, high standards and strict improve the level of enterprise safety production management; To focus on cohesion of enterprise risk hidden perils in safety, regularly carry out inspection, timely solve all kinds of potential safety problems, efforts to improve the level of fine management, solving "the last kilometer" of safety in production.