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On October 6, party secretary Jiang Duitao research to zichuan economic and social development situation, and inspected the luwian VC industrial park project. Standing committee of the municipal party committee and the secretary-general Yuan Liang, municipal party committee, deputy secretary general Luo Jian to participate in the survey. District party committee secretary Tian Bing soldier, district party committee, deputy secretary of the district rainbo, district party committee standing committee member and deputy prefects Guo Yihua and other accompanying research. Luwian pharmaceutical group co., LTD., chairman of Mr Feng Yanming report the park construction and development company.

In luwian VC industrial park project construction site, Feng Yanming a detailed report of the company, based on a "paper studied hundreds of experts" platform in the breakthrough of science and technology level, industry chain extension of up and down, as well as luwian VC project of industrial park, the new technological process, technological innovation, the industrial layout, and so on and so forth. Jiang Duitao pharmaceutical luwian achievements and project planning and construction give full affirmation. He encouraged luwian pharmaceutical should further intensify scientific and technological innovation, strengthen the cooperation with scientific research institutes, institutions of higher learning, actively introducing high-level talents and team that push upward downstream industry chain extension and high-end, developing circular economy, effectively avoid market risk, to speed up the industrial park construction, strive for early completion, early operation and early DaXiao.