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Morning of June 3, Chinese medicine and health products import and export chamber of commerce, vice President of talk about st in a line of four people to research luwian pharmaceutical group, group chairman Feng Yanming leadership accompanied by research, etc.

In research about st pick a line has to listen to the chairman Feng Yanming about group in recent years the development and future work plan report, watched the corporate videos, exchange domestic VC industry this year's production and business operation condition and new situations and new problems in the foreign trade, in-depth analysis of the future trend of the development of domestic VC industry, and the luwian pharmaceutical group affirmed his achievements.

Talk about SAN said, luwian pharmaceutical group after years of hard work, actively seize the outbreak era under the "area" and the "binary" domestic market opportunity, increasing science and technology research and development efforts, the project, its scale, technology, by extending chain and strong chain series terminal product development, development to become the world's largest industry, the most perfect, the most complete product range in the industry of VC, production enterprises, hope luwian pharmaceutical group, give full play to the leading role of the industry leading and chamber of commerce executive director units, called on the role, for the healthy development of the VC industry in China, high quality luwian development contribution strength. , he said, will further give play to the resource advantage of chamber of commerce and reflect the enterprise upward difficulties, help for related policy, industry service, help enterprise development.