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People oriented: the company adopts the idea of people-oriented management, which is to regard the employees as the most important resources of the enterprise, with morality as the first and ability as well as morality as the second. The selection criteria are morality, values, quality, potential, knowledge and experience in turn. We should pay equal attention to character cultivation and ability cultivation. We should arrange the most suitable work scientifically according to the comprehensive situation of the staff's ability, specialty, interest and psychological status, and fully consider the growth and value of the staff in the work. We should use scientific management methods, and fully mobilize and give play to the work enthusiasm, initiative and creativity through comprehensive human resource development plan and enterprise culture construction In order to improve work efficiency, increase work performance, pay attention to personal development potential, build multiple development channels of management, specialty and operation, provide more personal development and growth space for each employee, and make the best use of talents to make the greatest contribution to achieve the enterprise development goal.

Technological innovation: the company has a full range of research and development facilities, engineering and technical personnel and advanced equipment, and built a sewage treatment plant, self power plant and other fully functional supporting facilities. The company and Life Science College of Shandong University of science and technology jointly established Zibo vitamin C Engineering Technology Research Center. The new strain developed in that year had short cycle and high acid production rate, ranking first in the same industry in China. The company adheres to market orientation, aims at the high end of the industry, increases investment in science and technology, speeds up the adjustment of product structure, and increases the comprehensive competitiveness and market share of the enterprise. The trend of globalization is not only an opportunity but also a challenge for enterprises. How to grasp the trend of world economic development, examine the favorable factors and unfavorable conditions of enterprises' self-development with a world perspective, promote enterprises' self-development through reform and innovation, and remain invincible in the market competition tide of survival of the fittest is a major issue as well as a major task It's a challenge.

Pursuit of excellence: it is predicted that culture is tomorrow's economy. To further promote the development of enterprises and truly become the world's first-class enterprises, it is necessary to rely on the power of corporate culture. At present, the dual benefits of tangible and intangible, economic and social brought by cultural power to enterprises have been recognized by theoretical circles and most scholars. It is not only a management method, but also a value orientation symbolizing the soul of enterprises, reflecting a spiritual temperament engaged in material production, a working attitude and dedication similar to religious belief My attitude towards life.