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Founded in November 2019, qingtieruwei (Shandong) Logistics Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of LVI Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. and a strategic cooperation unit of Qingdao JITIE International Logistics Co., Ltd. and jointly manages and operates. On April 24, 2021, the special line of LVI logistics railway of Qingtie railway was officially opened.

The special line of Qingtie Luwei (Shandong) Logistics Co., Ltd. is located in Shuangyang Town, Zichuan District, adjacent to Jiaowang Road, zhangbo road and 102 provincial road, which is convenient and fast. The special line is 1660m long, providing transportation containers, open top box loading goods and other services for factories and mines around Zichuan and Boshan. From railway information consulting to container loading and transportation services, from the container down station to short barge transportation, from empty container loading to vehicle clearing return, the "one-stop" whole railway logistics supply chain scheme is tailored to effectively reduce the transportation cost of enterprises.

Logistics Port is a key project of Zibo Railway "14.5" layout planning and relying on the construction of LVI logistics special line of Qingtie railway. It has five centers, including intelligent railway logistics center, storage operation center, commercial exhibition and marketing center, centralized distribution and distribution center and storage center, and is an important regional logistics hub and modern intelligent logistics demonstration base in Shandong Province.

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