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Sept. 25, luwian pharmaceutical group co., LTD., a "good people" series symposium, further carry forward the luwian positive energy, give play to the role of advanced lead, motivate more employees' love home inns, hard work, selfless dedication, build luwian brand in one hundred. Group general manager Feng Shuai attend seminars and speech, to an interview 30 outstanding management cadres, outstanding employee representatives presented "in China reported net" authority to release "publicity" certificate.

Feng Shuai in his speech, first of all, on behalf of the group's chairman, Mr Feng Yanming thanks to advanced management cadres and the outstanding staff's contribution to the development of the luwian to accept Chinese reported net, qi xuan department staff on behalf of congratulations. Employees, he said, is the foundation of enterprise development and the core, advanced management cadres, outstanding staff is enterprise's elite and the weight. In recent years, luwian pharmaceutical attaches great importance to the status of employees in the enterprise development, has introduced the outstanding staff award, issued by the students scholarship fund for children of employees, set up employee qualification promotion award, organized a series of training courses for new apprenticeships "staff for this" incentive policy. In the future, the group will further improve employee's work and living conditions, protect the interests of employees.

Feng Shuai pointed out that the current luwian pharmacy on a series of new have broad prospects for development of new projects. These projects need to have talent, he says, to protect, need a example guidance, need to have good corporate culture. Hope qi xuan department further sum up the experiences of propaganda and stories about good good staff, good spirit story, tell the story of good selfless dedication, good luwian brand story, advocating labor, misfortune, respect, love, good atmosphere, advanced drive more advanced to emerging, as luwian pharmaceutical contributions to achieve high quality development.

Qi xuan department staff communication experience good staff interview, they said, in an interview in the nearly 2 months, touched deeply by good staff dedication spirit, to enhance the motivation. Good employees interviewed on behalf of the said in the discussion, to stay true to cherish the honor, and continue to play a model leading role, firm confidence and determination to overcome all difficulties, continue to the ownership of enterprise development, building a new era.