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To create a first-class corporate culture, high quality, highly skilled staff, October 27 morning, luwian pharmaceutical group co., LTD., a centrifugal pump maintenance skills tournament competition. General manager Feng Shuai presented the winning group with pennants and bonuses, yong-wei wang, assistant chairman of VC division general manager spoke to award certificate, deputy general manager, engineering equipment minister, hong-wei wang activity and declare the beginning of the tournament competition, director of security ShangZhiMin site safety instruction. The factory as a referee, the department is responsible for comrades.

Yong-wei wang in his speech, the first generation of chairman Mr Feng Yanming wish contestants in the game to obtain the best result. He said, in recent years, luwian pharmaceutical group attaches great importance to the training of employees, successively and zibo technician institute jointly launched new apprenticeship training employees, introduced a "staff record of formal schooling and title allowance management method", children scholarships for was admitted to institutions of higher learning of employees, these measures has set up a platform for the motivate employees based on post up. Next two years, is a big luwian pharmaceutical group two years of development, technical innovation and technology promotion, new projects, hope that through the jousting contest to discover more technical talents, guide staff skilled technical ability, vigorously carry forward the spirit, strengthen the confidence of the development of the high quality, make contributions to build one hundred luwian brand.

It is understood that the duration of the project for centrifugal pump disassembly and assembly, from luwian pharmaceutical group VC a factory, VC 2 factory three factory, VC, VC four factory and sorbitol, self-provided power plant, purification plant seven branch factory of 28 outstanding athletes to participate in the contest of the duration. In the competition, the contestants play the best level of solidarity and collaboration, shows luwian employees solid technical strength and good business skills. After intense competition, sorbitol, VC, water treatment works in a factory teams respectively group championship, groups, group 2nd runner-up.

Contestants Gary liu from the self-provided power plant of luwian pharmaceutical group, is a luwian group take part in the employee work for eight years. He said, today is the first time to participate in the tournament group skills contest, the mood is very excited. Through to take part in the tournament, they complement each other, improve together, exercise skills, improve the quality, to ensure complete group production task laid a solid foundation.