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Heart is education, love students. On August 28, on the eve of teacher's day, zibo ten places luwian pharmaceutical group to donate VC products public welfare activities held in zibo ten places volleyball pavilion. This activity is a useful attempt to zichuan university-enterprise united. Feng Shuai luwian pharmaceutical group co., LTD., general manager, party secretary and the principal zhao peng zibo ten places to attend the activities and delivered a speech, zibo ten places the volleyball coaches and athletes to attend the activity.

Zhao Pengzai speech, thanked the compassion donation luwian pharmaceutical group. He said, in recent years, zibo ten places is the "national volleyball traditional schools", has won the national, the province volleyball champions 38, cultivated in the provincial above professional leagues and countless students of colleges and universities, there are quite a proportion of the students have been admitted to the national key universities. The result obtain without love like luwian pharmaceutical group enterprise's care and support. Zibo ten places, he said, all the teachers and students will take luwian pharmaceutical care into power, to promote the women's volleyball team spirit, special operations, make ten places a social satisfaction, parents satisfaction, school students to become a useful person.

Feng Shuai in his speech, representing luwian pharmaceutical group chairman, Mr Feng Yanming and 2300 luwian staff, to all the teachers and students athletes would like to extend season's greetings and sincere wishes. He points out that it is important to respect teachers and fine tradition of our country. Luwian pharmaceutical development don't forget to return society, actively participate to donate, attaching importance, respect for the elderly love, poverty alleviation, support the fight against the disease, such as public welfare activity, successively to the society from all walks of life donated millions of dollars. Luwian, he said, the drug will be the event as an opportunity to increase investment, constantly create a new situation of the cooperation between colleges and better luwian products help the athletes physical quality enhancement.

Feng Shuai pointed out that luwian pharmaceutical group as the world's largest vitamin C powder production enterprises, from small to strong process proves that the enterprise's development cannot leave the concern and support from all walks of life, inseparable from the support of high-quality talent. In recent years, luwian pharmaceutical group to seize the outbreak era opportunity of development, pursue health life closely with tsinghua university, the Chinese people's liberation army air force university, tianjin university, qilu industrial university, shandong university of science and technology cooperation, committed to the development and application of vitamin C functional products, successfully developed the functional chewing flakes of VC, VC tabletting candy, VC mask, toothpaste and other end products, to improve the quality of life after the outbreak era, much a experience and assurance. He wants to, you can focus on luwian development, incorporated in the procession of luwian family, together for "health cause in China".

Activities, school leaders and the volleyball coaches gave luwian pharmaceutical representatives "sympathised with write love education, public-spirited help students" pennants.