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To strengthen enterprise cohesion and centripetal force, encourage employees to children thrive, August 30, luwian pharmaceutical group co., LTD. Staff children pursue college held "scholarships" award ceremony. General manager Feng Shuai speech, and to be the national full-time college and above school admissions 53 employees children presented "scholarship".

Before "scholarships" award ceremony, attended college staff this year children and parents together, in group intelligent control center to watch the luwian pharmaceutical promotion, listened to the situation of the quality inspection center, visited the new listing of VC toothpaste chewing flakes, VC mask, VC, VC tabletting candy and other terminal products. Students on the development of luwian pharmaceutical performance said, proud of parents in luwian pharmaceutical work.

Feng Shuai in his speech, first of all, on behalf of the chairman Mr Feng Yanming and 2300 employees, to obtain "scholarships" congratulations to all the students, and thank parents employees cultivate pillar talents for our country. 53 luwian children pursue college staff, he says, is not only the glory of the family, but also the pride of luwian family. Feng Shuai in his speech luwian pharmaceutical development situation are introduced. Luwian pharmaceutical, he says, is a national high-tech enterprises, is a brand of high-end manufacturing enterprises in shandong province, in recent years, adhere to the "industrial patriotic" "industry" as own duty, seriously implement the new concept of development, seize the domestic international "binary" development opportunities, more than 90% of products exported to 126 countries and regions, has become the world's largest vitamin C production enterprise. Next, according to the company "for three years, five years five billion billions" development goals, to speed up the fine management, planning and railway logistics, corn processing, powder and derivatives of VC, VC terminal FMCG, biodegradable materials five plate construction, efforts to achieve leapfrog development.

Is Feng Shuai pointed out that the essence of enterprise employees. Luwian pharmaceutical attaches great importance to the construction of talent, and strive to improve treatment of highly educated workers, sign up for degree of ascension this year more than 100 employees, plans to have a college degree or above 2 years employees of 40% or more. He hopes that through the issuance of the "luwian scholarship", ignite students dream and pursuit, more cherish the learning time, efforts to grasp high ability, become a national pillars just, more hope you focus on luwian development, committed to the development of medicine and health in our country.

In a ceremony for the scholarship, two students on behalf of and two employees talk about his feelings about the representative respectively. Everyone thinks luwian pharmaceutical issued "scholarships" is not only the chances for employees' children's blessing, are dedicating himself to employees, but also the embodiment of the company "people-oriented" idea. Students said, will luwian pharmaceutical care into the power of endeavour, sets up the broad ideal, study hard, with practical action to return society. Is getting better and better and wish luwian pharmaceutical group development, create brilliant.

Luwian pharmaceutical group leaders also presented new research and development of each student to family VC toothpaste, VC mask, VC chewable FMCG terminal box, etc. The last to take photos with you.