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Luwian pharmaceutical selected 9 group of agricultural industrialization in shandong provincial key leading enterprise

Author:admin Click:191 Date:2022-12-7

On December 2, the shandong province agriculture industrialization of agriculture and rural areas of the public hall 9 provincial key leading enterprise, the whole province were identified, 212 companies, including recommended by self-directed declaration, various cities, expert evaluation, examination and approval of the joint program, such as 7 companies in zibo city, luwian pharmaceutical on the list.

This batch of leading enterprises in the public notice period for 2 solstice December 8. Shandong province all levels of the ministries goalkeeper perfecting supporting policies, optimize the development environment, support agricultural industrialization leading enterprises bigger and stronger, better play to the leading enterprises in the leading role in the development of rural industry.

Luwian vitamin C production base in domestic pharmaceutical, mainly to corn as raw material, adopt the form of a contract of agricultural industrialization management pattern, implements the protective price to buy, promote farmer income to become rich, polish village "impression". At present, is planning to build a total investment of 500 million yuan, 600000 tons/year corn deep processing project.

Luwian pharmaceutical said, want to cherish the honor, adhere to the service "three rural" beginner's mind, give full play to the leading leading role, with rural industries as own duty, continue to play a good lead the leading role, in the development of rural industry with high quality to establish new, greater contribution for the modernization of agriculture and rural areas.