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Luwei pharmaceutical selected the first batch of science and technology in shandong province little giant enterprise

Author:admin Click:76 Date:2022-11-29

On November 9, under the guidance of the provincial department of science and research institute of shandong academy of sciences intelligence, innovation and development in shandong province held a joint 2022 annual list of the first in shandong province science and technology little giant enterprise, zibo 54 enterprises selected, luwian pharmaceutical group co., LTD., "list".

Party's 20 report pointed out that "to strengthen the enterprise technology innovation main body status, give play to the role of science and technology backbone enterprise leading support, conducive to science and technology of micro, small and medium enterprises to grow good environment, promote innovation talent capital chain chain chain industry chain" depth fusion. The little giant enterprise competition of science and technology is thoroughly study and apply the concrete practice of the party's 20 big spirit, for the period of validity of 2 m high and new technology enterprises in our province, from the aspects such as innovation input, innovation output, innovation performance study of enterprise innovation ability, in each selected niche growth speed and development potential of the little giant of science and technology enterprises, further perfect arrangement in cultivating system of science and technology enterprises, give full play to its role in promoting the economy in the development of high quality led supporting.

The first little giant of science and technology enterprises in our province has the following four characteristics, is a focus on r&d, with high level of scientific research management. The first batch of provincial science and technology little giant enterprise r&d spending accounts for the main business income of the average ratio of 7.4%, technical personnel to the average ratio of 25.2% of the total number of employees, worth 83 r&d personnel. Second, pay attention to scientific and technological personnel team construction, and institutes of colleges and universities established stable cooperative relations, has the high management level of research and development organization. Third, focus on the core technology, with strong ability to innovate. Little giant enterprise of science and technology of main products with independent intellectual property rights of core technologies, worth own intellectual property rights such as effective Ⅰ 61.6, is the provincial high-tech enterprises worth 12.9 times. Fourth, pay attention to the sustainable development, showing a strong growth and development potential. Little giant of science and technology enterprises in the main business income nearly three years the average growth rate of 40%.

According to understand, little giant enterprise of science and technology, on the one hand is to fully demonstrate the effect of the high and new technology enterprise innovation and development in our province, to better play to the high and new technology enterprise in the industry and demonstration leading role in the development of industry, stimulate vitality of enterprise innovation and development; On the other hand is to build strong enterprises in our province phalanx, accelerate the formation of small and mid-sized enterprise widespread, high and new technology enterprise blossomed, little giant of science and technology, science and technology leader arrangement in cultivating pattern of indomitable spirit, sets up the model for benchmarking, to provide reference for enterprise innovation and development of the model and method, promote the ranks of the provincial science and technology enterprises are continuously growing.