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Author:admin Click:112 Date:2022-10-29

On October 25, authorized by drug administration of shandong province, shandong province food and drug inspection institute released 2022 year entire province pharmaceutical production enterprise ability evaluation results, the province's 180 companies eligible, including luwian pharmaceutical group co., LTD., 159 companies such as evaluation results for "satisfaction". At this point, luwian pharmaceutical for seven consecutive years through the entire province pharmaceutical production enterprise inspection capability assessment.

For further practice of "the people's drug safety for the people" concept, vigorously implement the "shandong medicine revitalization" project, further promote the province pharmaceutical production enterprise inspection ability, to ensure the safety of drug quality, in May this year in shandong province and drug administration organization carried out in 2022 drug manufacturers inspection capability assessment. The entire province pharmaceutical production enterprise inspection work capability assessment once a year. In the evaluation work of this year, in addition to retain eligible enterprises to adopt gas chromatograph of blind "ethanol residue detection" basic project, added the difficulty of the "other solvent content inspection" the high project, and according to the prescribed time limit report test results, in shandong province by the food and drug inspection institute of eligible enterprises inspection result summary, analysis and feedback.

It is understood that some enterprises in this province pharmaceutical production enterprise inspection capability assessment work, give up the other solvent content test this new difficulty assessment project of the contestant. Luwian pharmacy have the courage to challenge, take an active part in and "good" results, shows the inspection staff strength. In recent years, as luwian pharmaceutical of national high and new technology enterprise, is committed to employee ability of the product inspection, to speed up the equipment renewal, organize regular lab technicians rating test, there are 15 inspector was admitted to study in higher education level promotion, there are 44 inspectors to participate in the new apprentice training and achieved high pharmaceutical preparations engineering certificate, as luwian pharmaceutical better the good purchase of raw materials, product quality the reserve talented person, provides the test support. So far, luwian pharmaceutical group quality inspection department is involved in making the water quota standards part 10: chemical pharmaceutical products, 1 item of national standard, carry out the vitamin C in screening pass rate detection method and the improved VC flour vitamin C content and its test method of group 2 standard.

"We started from 2016 to participate in an annual drug inspection capability assessment, this is the test level for us to review, brother, let us learn the advanced experience of the enterprise, continue to improve our product inspection ability, strengthened our drug safety first responsibility consciousness, ensure the quality and safety of drugs." Luwian pharmaceutical group quality inspection department minister Feng Chunxiao said, in the future, luwian pharmacy will continue to strengthen construction of wu, enhance staff professional quality and comprehensive quality, in strict accordance with the "Chinese pharmacopoeia" standard operation, the inspection ability of providing good quality services to enterprises to expand domestic and international market.