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Luwian pharmaceutical named the province pharmaceutical industry "AAA" credit unit

Author:admin Click:122 Date:2022-10-17

On October 12, 2022, in shandong province pharmaceutical industry association announced the first batch of 33 the highest credit rating "AAA" credit rating companies, luwian pharmaceutical group co., LTD., "famous" on the Bang, marked the luwian pharmaceutical by shandong province pharmaceutical industry credit rating review work smoothly. This is luwian pharmaceutical for three consecutive years as the provincial pharmaceutical industry aaa credit rating companies.

Industry credit construction is an important part of the construction of social credit system, the province pharmaceutical industry credit rating evaluation based on the green shield enterprise credit reporting system data, including basic information of enterprises, government supervision information, industry evaluation, evaluation of media information, credit financing information, business information and market feedback information in accordance with the law of public credit information, such as the strict screening and classification, every piece of information about the file to calculate the effective credit information, calculate the credit score automatically correspond to international general credit grade evaluation standard, to generate the initial score, by the review committee of experts after review, eventually determine the evaluation of enterprise credit rating, ensure the rating science, true, reasonable and rich characteristics of the pharmaceutical industry. Credit score 0, after scoring in accordance with the credit score height, for the evaluation of enterprises are classified into AAA, AA, A, B, C grade. Among them was the highest AAA credit rating.

Luwian pharmacy in recent years, actively promote the "good faith" enterprise culture, the national quality management pioneered the rule execution of work ", won the wide recognition and customers from all walks of life, has won the Chinese cooperative innovation demonstration enterprises, China's export brand certificate, in 2022 the case set good practice management system in China, 2021 high-end brand cultivate enterprise in shandong province, A grade quality and safety of feed production enterprise in shandong province, 2021 annual honesty and zibo outstanding contribution enterprise and other honorary titles. Received the pharmaceutical industry of our province this year, again luwian pharmaceutical AAA credit rating honor, will further enhance the public credibility of the enterprise and brand influence.