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Luwian pharmaceutical group awarded the province

Author:admin Click:273 Date:2022-9-22

On September 21st afternoon, held in jinan shandong provincial party committee and government, the private economy work conference on high quality development, in-depth study and implement, xi jinping, general secretary of the private economy important focus to promote the province private economy development, the high quality grades, praise is advanced, key task arrangement, mobilize the entire province coagulation hearts meet force, work diligently, constantly create a new situation development of private economy with high quality. Feng Shuai group company general manager as the province's specialization, new, gazelles, unicorn high growth companies, was one of the private entrepreneurs in jinan main gave nameboards accept provincial government leadership.

Provincial party secretary li did outstanding seats meeting and talking, vice secretary of provincial party committee, governor Zhou Naixiang host, GeHuiJun, chairman of the CPPCC, vice secretary of provincial party committee, municipal party committee secretary of the Qingdao Lu Zhi original,, deputy director of the standing committee of the provincial party secretary Yang Dongqi to attend.

Read at the meeting, the representative for the private enterprise and the first batch of private economy in counties (city, area) gave nameboards award the briefing. Provincial top leadership for the private enterprises in our province on behalf of, the characteristic of industrial cluster representatives of leading enterprises, representatives of high growth of small and medium-sized enterprises, private economic development high quality gave nameboards counties (city, area) on behalf of the award.

In recent years, our province in-depth implementation of xi jinping, general secretary of private economy development and deployment of the CPC Central Committee decision, insisting that private economy as an important support the province in the development of high quality, a series of policies and measures, and constantly optimized development environment of private enterprises, private economic development new achievements.

Li ganjie on behalf of the provincial party committee and provincial government, congratulate commended the enterprises and units, for the province's economic and social development has made important contributions to express our heartfelt thanks the private entrepreneurs. Li ganjie pointed out that the private economy is the "force" to promote the development of economy, is the "main engines" drive technological innovation, is to expand opening to the outside of the "power", is to improve the well-being of the people's livelihood "booster". Is unwavering support the development of the private economy is the basic principle of the CPC Central Committee a consistent, is development trend, the required time, the public opinion. He asked, shandong "walk in the front, open a new bureau", the private economy must first "walk in the front and open new"; Strong province construction to realize the new breakthrough, the privately operated economy must take the lead to achieve the breakthrough. Departments at all levels should be on politics and the global level, understanding the significance of the development of private economy, high quality, with more powerful measures, more resolute attitude, promote the development of private economy to a new level.

The meeting, is sure to civilian battalion enterprise by the provincial committee and spur, enhances the development of private enterprise of high quality confidence and determination. In the future, luwian pharmaceutical group will be based on its main business, spanning development. To strengthen the research and development of science and technology input, pays special attention to the important technical innovation; Must strengthen the green low-carbon direction, accelerate the planning and construction of resource utilization industry. Must strengthen the delay chain, chain, chain, chain, build new enterprise competitive advantage; To strengthen the international market development and enterprise risk prevention and control, maintain a healthy and orderly development; With more excellent grades tribute to twenty triumph for the party.