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Luwian pharmaceutical area by two new party construction organization

Author:admin Click:164 Date:2022-8-27

Two new group on August 27, zichuan excellent demonstration pilot project of party construction and party secretary of the commendation congress in luwian pharmaceutical group meeting room on the fourth floor. District party committee standing committee, the district party committee organization department minister Liu Hongzhi to attend the meeting and delivered a speech, area market regulator, the area of individual private enterprise party committee, the district civil affairs bureau, district social organizations responsible for the comrades and towns (street) in charge of the deputy secretary and organization committee member, secretary of the party organization in 70 district-level cultivating object. Luwian Feng Shuai etc. 10 pharmaceutical group general manager secretary of the party organization recognized outstanding party organizations for two new district secretary.

Since June 2020, zichuan combined with provincial party construction "millions promotion project", liang new organization work schedule and continue to strengthen the support of two new organizations to foster, emerge a batch of party construction specifications, institutional mechanisms, play a predominant role, work standard of demonstration effect is obvious. To give full play to the advanced typical demonstration leading role, to point with surface, radiation in promoting the whole level of job of party construction of two new organizations, the paper studied the district party committee organization department, district party committee of the non-public sector of the economy and the social organizations working committee, decided to name the shandong kaisheng new material co., LTD., and other 10 units for the district-level demonstration pilot project of the party construction of two new organization work, Feng Shuai 10 party organizations such as the secretary for the district two new excellent party secretary of the organization. The leaders of two new zichuan demonstration site and outstanding party secretary of the party construction.

Feng Shuai as a representative of the area two new organization good secretary of the party organizations to the typical speech. He introduced the luwian pharmaceutical group adhere to the party leads the cohesion high quality development experience and achievements. , he said, the two new group was named the zichuan good secretary of the party organization, is the affirmation of the work for me, and for luwian pharmaceutical group party incentives to work. Luwian pharmaceutical group, he said, will be under the strong leadership of party committees at all levels, continue to standardize and improve the system of party construction mechanism, the use of vitality of the enterprise, to listen to the party command, go with the party, contributing to development of zichuan luwian party power.

Prior to the meeting, the participants to luwian pharmaceutical co., LTD., shandong, sichuan eagle food co., LTD., shandong ray to watch live auto technology co., LTD.