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Author:admin Click:317 Date:2022-8-15

On August 14, shandong province, shandong industrial economic federation of industry and information technology hall published "sixth batch manufacturing single champion of shandong province intends to that list and a third group of review by proposed list" of the fair show period, luwian pharmaceutical group co., LTD., through the third batch of review, was identified as shandong manufacturing single champion again.

Manufacturing single champion is refers to the long-term focus on some specific product market segment, the manufacturing international leading production technology and process, individual products market share among the global top companies. To guide the manufacturing enterprises in our province strives for perfection the spirit of craftsman in essence of "excellent" development road, build a batch of focus on niche market, technology or service excellent, high market share, strong ability to resist risk of the "single champion", determined by way of letter committee since 2017 our province to carry out special action manufacturing single champion to foster ascension. Our province implements dynamic management for individual champions, every three years to organize a evaluation, to can not meet the relevant requirements of the enterprise according to the application to cancel the relevant announcement, to meet the requirements of enterprises, announcement for manufacturing single champions "in shandong province".

2019 voluntary reporting in the enterprise, municipal bureau of industry and information technology and industrial economic association recommended on the basis of the first review, the audit qualifications argument, argumentation, expert of final appeal and online public sector programs, determine luwian pharmaceutical group, 125 companies such as manufacturing industry in shandong province for the third batch of individual champions, 71 this year, our province has one of the three years no record, no major safety accidents and environmental illegal products reached the advanced energy consumption quota standard value of enterprise energy consumption through review, luwian pharmaceutical group "list" again.

Luwian pharmaceutical group, said in the future, will continue to revolve around VC market segments to make further specialized, do fine and stronger, increase investment in research and development, enhance the technological innovation ability, improve product quality and to cultivate independent brands, consolidate and enhance market position, strive for an early into national single champion.