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The city's economic and social development into luwian pharmaceutical live visit review activities

Author:admin Click:205 Date:2022-7-30

The morning of July 27, 2022, the city's economic and social development during the first half of the scene view review activities, into the luwian pharmaceutical group wastewater resource use of the site of the project. Jiang Duitao, mayor Ma Xiaolei and secretary of municipal party committee of the municipal, district and town leaders at all levels take the view comments. Chairman of the board of directors of the company Feng Yanming Feng Shuai accompanied, general manager.

At the project site, the secretary jiang understood earnestly promoting construction for the new project. Luwian resource-oriented utilization project covers an area of 70 mu, a total investment of 500 million yuan, the annual plans to invest 300 million yuan. The project of science and technology content high, the per acre efficiency is high, the breakthrough in the domestic high salt wastewater treatment problem, which can realize high brine "zero emissions", effectively improve the environment, realize the sewage water, waste materials, biogas can substation, hot water, has the good social benefit and environmental benefit.

Paper studied district party committee, deputy secretary of the district Feng Bingtao situation on construction projects. Von warden said, since this year, zichuan resolutely implement the CPC municipal committee and municipal government major projects related to policy decisions, with crucial "project" to carry out the "improve quality, accelerated the development of", firmly establish a "project is king" concept, seize the time schedule, to speed up the pace of work, efforts to promote signing project early fall to the ground, construction project and put into production, build project reaches producing soon. From January to June, with a total investment of 67.2 billion yuan of 100 the first batch of key projects completed investment of 9.6 billion yuan, accounting for 55% of the annual investment plan; Starting 80, operating at 80%; 35 projects included in the municipal key projects.

In luwian pharmaceutical group resource utilization project construction site, tower crane, with machines roar, one hot labor scene, the baffle around the site, "create green circular economy, power transformation and upgrading of enterprises" "billions luwian, one hundred luwian" "building a green plant, creating a zero carbon enterprise" elegantly interpretation such as luwian development direction of the slogan, is particularly captivating. Luwian company will according to the municipal party committee municipal government proposed "five optimization" development path, to pay special attention to the project construction in the first place, we will do our best to help fill delay chain chain strong chain, based on its main business, diversified development, for the zichuan as important growth level of contribution to the development of the city's high quality "luwian power".