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Shandong "preparation of vitamin C" a major science and technology project in luwian startup

Author:admin Click:216 Date:2022-7-19

Science and technology lead, gather all the power, innovation, mutual benefit and win-win hand in hand. On 18 July afternoon, shandong, the paper studied the 15th hundreds of experts line launch major scientific and technological innovation projects and implementing scheme seminar held in luwian pharmaceutical group, vitamin C and efficient green production in China is dedicated to provide you with technical support and demonstration effect.

Wang, a professor at the university of qilu industrial take-off report the project task decomposition and execution plan, zichuan district MuLiHua to attend the meeting and delivered a speech, double Yang Town, vice secretary of party committee, the town ChangSunPan chaired the meeting, luwian Feng Shuai pharmaceutical group general manager speech. Zhong Cheng professor of tianjin university of science and technology, associate professor of shandong analysis and test center Cheng Yan, qi industrial university, Dr. Yuan Haibo, Huang Di, wen-hu Chen, tianjin university of science and technology, Dr. Li chao deng attend seminars.

Luwian pharmaceutical since its establishment has attached great importance to scientific and technological innovation, in the field of fermentation increasing deep cooperation with institutions of higher learning and scientific research units, has a strong technical support and rich experience in research and development. Luwian pharmaceutical investment this year 150 million yuan and qilu industrial university, tianjin university of science and technology, joint research and development of analysis and test center of shandong province "step mixed bacteria fermentation preparation of vitamin C" production technology, has a short fermentation period, high automation level, low energy consumption and production cost, advantage, wastewater reuse, in shandong province was listed in 2022 major scientific and technological innovation project. Project expected achievements reached the international advanced level, and thus formed with independent intellectual property rights of production technology system, can the new sales income is 200 million yuan a year, profits of 40 million yuan.

MuLiHua pointed out in his speech, luwian pharmaceutical enterprise as the main chain, with profound VC production technology base. In recent years, luwian seize domestic and international "binary" development opportunities, in strong chain, extending chain, chain, chain extender, continuous export volume ranks top industry for many years, become a national high and new technology enterprise, national green plant in shandong province, shandong single champion, the high-end brand cultivation enterprises, shandong gazelle, domestic VC API production "leading enterprise". Enterprise development power, potential, in the future. She praised is implementing major scientific and technological innovation project, is another luwian huge tree pressure branches of science and technology innovation, the vitamin C production technology in China is a "satellite" technology revolution, will further promote China's vitamin C "regime change" type upgrade process. She believes that, under the expert to the joint efforts of the various units, will be able to finish the project.

Feng Shuai in his speech to extend a warm welcome to experts, the paper studied "hundreds of experts" and each expert professor gave luwian business express our heartfelt thanks for a long time support and help. Paper studied hundreds of experts, "he said" has gone through 15 spring and autumn period, has set up a platform for the scientific and technological innovation for the enterprise, solved the difficult problem "their" in the development of enterprises. He said, in recent years, luwian pharmaceutical r&d spending in more than 3.5% of the annual sales revenue, has the construction of the academician workstation, vitamin C engineering technology research center of shandong zibo national key talent engineering laboratory experts workstation, zibo city, zibo enterprise technology center, science and technology research and development platform. Luwian pharmaceutical project to research and develop the new production technology of vitamin C and environmentally friendly, was awarded in 2019 "the second batch of technical innovation project of shandong province" and "zibo high-tech innovation" double ten "plan". Vitamin C powder particle size distribution test method of research and development project, in 2019 was named "the fourth batch of shandong technology innovation project", to fill the domestic blank in the field of vitamin C powder particle size distribution test. Luwian pharmaceutical, so far has been 61 a state authorized patents, including "the oxidation of glucose acid bacillus strains in the application of fermentation to produce VC precursor" won the national prize for "golden bridge awards project" the tenth, a national standard in the development, carry out standard two groups. Luwian, he says, people deeply realize, science and technology innovation is the enterprise development of endogenous power, is the enterprise bigger and stronger, a perennial strong support, luwian thanks to the development of science and technology innovation and more from scientific and technological innovation. , he said, will always adhere to scientific and technological innovation, the overall plan of green development, adhere to the clean, low carbon, green, circulation, the road of sustainable development, build green circular economy, power transformation and upgrading of enterprises, and to do zichuan green low carbon, high quality development of benchmarking.

Report at the meeting, each unit corpus, head of the respective research content of the implementation of the plan and progress, and on the problems existing in the project research and development, pointed out the direction of the research and development for the project. Experts attending the meeting, said professor must strengthen the research and development team coordination between the communication, research and development of high quality to complete the project. In general, you have confidence in luwian pharmaceutical, to finish the project research and development is full of confidence. Our scientific research personnel should be in paper studied district party committee, the district government, under the support of the project perfectly, for to contribute to the innovation of science and technology of vitamin C production technology in China.

Zichuan district technology bureau, the relevant person in charge of project research and development company to attend the meeting.

Paper studied line on the morning of the 15th hundreds of experts and green low carbon and high quality development of zibo (paper studied) BBS in zibo, qisheng international hotel grand opening. Under the witness in the academicians, experts, leading, luwian pharmaceutical cooperation with shandong university of science and technology "zichuan university-enterprise joint research and development center" project attended the signing.