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Luwian pharmaceutical was identified as "gazelle" enterprise of shandong province

Author:admin Click:194 Date:2022-7-9

On July 4th, the ministry of industry and information office of shandong province issued "about 2022 in shandong province" gazelle "" unicorn" publication of the list of enterprises ", among them, 46 companies in zibo city, luwian pharmaceutical group co., LTD. This is luwian pharmaceutical enterprise after won the singles championships in shandong province and shandong high-end brand cultivation, and obtained a prize at the provincial level.

According to the shandong province gazelle, unicorn that enterprise management method "(lu's hair [2020] no. 8), the implementation of the 2022" specialization, the new "small and medium-sized enterprises in shandong province and" gazelle "" unicorn" enterprises that work notice file spirit, such as the ministry of industry and information office of shandong province organized the 2022 gazelle, unicorn, the enterprises in shandong province that work. By voluntary reporting, various cities small and medium-sized enterprise competent department recommendation, expert evaluation, the third party credit rating, combined the final program, such as 580 companies such as the luwian pharmaceutical group co., LTD. For the province "gazelle" 2022 enterprises.

"Gazelle" is a kind of good at jumping and running antelope, "gazelle" enterprise refers to the registration time in 20 years, entered the stage of rapid growth of enterprise, with fast growth, strong innovation ability, professional new, big development potential. "Gazelle" enterprises in technology research and development, innovation platform construction, credit credit, and the government guide the funds investment, cultivating, the respect such as tax incentives will get more policy support.

This time, was identified as "gazelle" enterprise of shandong province, is the provincial government and industry experts to luwian pharmaceutical growth, innovation, industry development potential, comprehensive recognition of credit evaluation, etc, to promote the company brand awareness, improve the core competitiveness has a good role in promoting. Luwian pharmaceutical will take this opportunity to make persistent efforts, speeding up technology innovation system construction and project construction, with continuous innovation and independent research and development capabilities, to build new pattern of "expand business, diversified development", implement "the output value of billions, one hundred brand" new leap.