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The environmental protection in pharmaceutical ability decide whether drug companies

Author:admin Click:371 Date:2011-7-1

Set by the national environmental protection "environmental services" five-year & throughout; development plan is expected in the near future. In the "twelfth five-year & throughout; Crucial period of planning, environmental protection has been regarded as the key to the success of the pharmaceutical industry transformation and upgrading index, one of the relevant departments to formulate a series of regulatory standards and encouraging policies, regulate and guide the rational development of pharmaceutical enterprises. In the future, energy conservation and emissions reduction are not just "electricity & throughout; As simple as that. Interview personnel to understand that in some parts of the old enterprise of relocation had to stop production to leak and with the modification, some consciousness of the leading pharmaceutical companies have been enjoying the benefits of environmental governance. In this round of adjustment of industrial structure, environmental protection ability will be to determine whether enterprise important of being eliminated by the policy and market competitiveness.

As drug production country in the world, China can produce chemical drug substances and drug preparations of about 800000 tons, the production process of raw material inputs, output ratio is small, most of the material have been abandoned, the problem of pollution is easier to appear. It is understood that in the national environmental protection "five-year & throughout; Plan, has the chemical oxygen demand (cod), sulfur dioxide, ammonia nitrogen and nitrogen oxides four kinds of main pollutants into the binding forces, including the addition of ammonia nitrogen and nitrogen oxides are one of the main material of pharmaceutical industrial pollutants, the requirement for the pharmaceutical industry has a direct constraint. In addition, the ministry recently issued the "2011 national key monitoring list of enterprises", in the pharmaceutical industry is an were monitored. According to the interviewers were incomplete statistics, nearly 70 pharmaceutical companies are listed in the monitored directory.

However, it should be pointed out that, in the "twelfth five-year & throughout; During under strict control, pharmaceutical enterprise environmental protection standard will serve as the primary hard Numbers must be completed. In addition, the environmental protection work also can't measured from the Angle of investment, efficient environmental protection ability can actually lead to a lot of intangible benefits, can even revenue. This shows that environmental problems have affected the enterprise's normal operation, profitability will also decline. From the point of view of enterprise management, solve the environmental problem, equivalent to improve the management benefit.

At present, some environmental work done better pharmaceutical enterprises, its environmental protection investment can even revenue. Anti-lu pharmaceutical preparation division general manager Xie Kongbiao tell interview personnel, anti-lu used in environmental protection engineering operation cost need tens of millions of yuan a year, for the company's pressure is relatively large, "but, in fact our income is greater than the input, in the country's environmental protection inspection, anti-lu never seen production limit production.